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Participatory Audovisual Slideshows I: Digitally Documenting Communication Assets with Local Residents

 Audiovisual Slideshows: A Metamorphosis / Intersections Project

The communication assets of a community are an important part of the communication environment in a community's communication infrastructure. Communication assets are places and spaces in the community that facilitate positive social interaction. One of the ways to get a sense of the communication assets in a neighborhood is to work with residents to tell stories about those neighborhood spots that are important to them.

The following audiovisual slideshows were produced as a collaboration between South LA community residents, the Metamorphosis Project, and Intersections. We asked residents to tell the story of a neighborhood communication asset -- together, we went out into the neighborhood and took pictures and notes about the place they chose. All photos were taken by the residents and the audio recordings are residents’ own narration.

The Tenth Wonder turns trash into treasure: 1145 W. 62nd Street, Los Angeles CA 90044

A day out at Los Amigos Mall (English language): 307 E Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90011

A day out at Los Amigos Mall (Espanol): 307 E Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90011

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