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Video Tutorial: Communication Asset Mapping

Watch the Video Tutorial: How to use the Communication Asset Mapping features of MetaConnects Mapping

MetaConnects Mapping highlights Communication Assets that are present in local communities across Los Angeles. Communication Assets are defined as places and spaces in the community which are sites of positive social and community interaction. When you click on a purple Communication Asset, you see photos and captions that describe the value of each Communication Asset. By adjusting the sliders on the right side of the screen then clicking "Submit Changes", you can see Communication Assets based on different perspectives (like Academic Researchers and Community Practitioners), as well as different categories of Communication Assets (like Schools and Public Spaces).

We want to include your contributions! Right now most of our Communication Assets are from the perspective of Academic Researchers who work with the MetaConnects team. But we know that this is only one way of looking at the Communication Assets of a local area.

Send us photos and descriptions of your Communication Assets so that we can build a more complete map that highlights a variety of perspectives from your community.