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Look who’s talking LA River: Local media on the LA River and Northeast Los Angeles


By Minhee Son 

The LA River is more visible in the media than ever before. The topic of LA Revitalization has been covered as both an opportunity and a concern for the surrounding Riverfront communities. Whose voices are being heard? Which media have been actively contributing stories about the LA River and the Northeast Los Angeles neighborhoods? 
The media research component of the Northeast Los Angeles Riverfront Collaborative examined local media storytelling around the LA River and neighborhoods in the NELA area. The media monitoring work along with our media mapping fieldwork is a research tool that points us to the key online and offline media outlets contributing the stories. 
We monitored stories using Google Alerts. The key words used for the search include:
Los Angeles River, LA River, Northeast Los Angeles, NELA, Los Angeles Riverfront, 
Atwater Village, Elysian Valley, Cypress Park, Glassell Park, and Lincoln Heights 
We collected 265 stories that were published between February 2013-January 2014. We analyzed each story by information about the media outlet and story themes. 
Here is our initial finding on the top media outlets: 
Local media include both online and offline outlets that are mainly produced for and cover stories about geographic (and sometimes ethnic-sepcific) communities and neighborhoods.
From our previous work, we know that local media play an important role by:
- Bringing to surface community issues that might otherwise go unnoticed 
- Creating a sense of belonging and positive identify for the broader community


We are currently working on a story archive where you can browse through some of the online stories that were published by The Eastsider, Patch, KCET Departures, the LA Times, and Eastern Group Publications. We will also share with you in a future post about the process of navigating through the challenges and barriers to designing a digital media archive (link to Story Archive coming soon!).
Here’s an article on KCET about the media mapping fieldwork that captured some of the offline media environment of the five neighborhoods in NELA: Initial observations of local media in Northeast LA
You can also read more about the media research tools in the NELA RC Toolkit.


Which media help you to stay informed about development and revitalization projects that affect your community? 

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*Note: The NELA RC is a project of the L.A. City Economic and Workforce Development Department. The work was funded by a HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities ‘Community Challenge Planning Grant’.  
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