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Research Questions: A Communication Infrastructure Approach to Developing a Direction for Research

These are just a few examples of Research Questions that you might consider. Each of these are guided by our interest in the Communication Infrastructure of the community. 

Your research question should be the guiding frame for your research from the start, but it is in not uncommon for research questions to evolve and change over the course of a project.

Questions about The Storytelling Network:

  • What are the residents’ communication ecologies? That is, what are the ways that residents go about staying on top of what is happening in the community?
  • What are the important media outlets in the community, and what type of influence do they have?
  • What people, organizations, and other sources do residents trust most within the community?
  • What types of interpersonal connections do residents rely upon?
  • What are residents' main concerns within the community?
  • What types of actions are local organizations taking in the community?
  • What do organizations see as the biggest challenges and opportunities in the community?
  • What types of challenges and opportunities does ethnic diversity present in the community?


Questions about the Communication Environment:

  • Where in the community do residents come together and talk to each other?
  • Where do residents feel comfortable in the community?
  • Where do they feel afraid?
  • Where are the areas that they do not know much about at all?
  • Where are the places, spaces and neighborhood institutions that are important in the community?
  • Where do events take place within the community
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