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Resident Connections to Organizations in South LA: A Key Part of the Storytelling Network

Part of our recent research involved studying the storytelling network of South Los Angeles neighborhoods. Metamorphosis conducted a survey of 871 African-American and Latino residents living in Crenshaw and the South Figueroa Corridor. We want to share some of the insights we gained about South LA residents and their connections to local organizations. Organizations play a key role in the Communication Infrastructure of a community, so knowing the organizational connections of local residents can be a key way to connect and motivate action.

Connections to Organizations

The majority of South Los Angeles residents (85%) belong to at least one community group. In general, African Americans tend to be more involved in community organizations than Latinos.

The most popular types of community groups reported by residents were cultural, ethnic and religious. Over half (50.6%) of our survey participants belong to a group of this type. Sports and recreational groups were the next most popular, followed by political/ educational groups and neighborhood/ homeowners groups.

The top 3 community organizations in South LA were churches: 28.5% of the residents in our survey said they belong to a Christian, Catholic or a Baptist church.

Download a list of South LA community organizations here.

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